Birmingham National 7th May 2017

Byermoor Princess Pamedna Charisma
Ch. Loranka's Heavenly Moment Chantismere Conquistador
Byermoor Princess Ellemich Im A Celebrity
Judge Mrs R Banks
Minor Puppy Entry 12
1st Ouzlewell Likely Lad for Almonroyd
2nd Ricksbury Poldark
3rd Trishine Celestial Dream with Finjaro
Reserve Castlewytch Red Admiral
VHC Loranka Moonlight Shadow
Puppy Entry 16
1st Shelpet Vanilla Ice at Diddlidors
2nd Harana Dean Martin
3rd Granasil Vontrap
Reserve Ellemich The Sinner
VHC Chlojade Shooting Star
Junior Entry 12
1st Chantismere Conquistador
2nd Salegreen Brecon
3rd Khatibi Bark Obama
Reserve Tamyse Theo avec Pamedna
VHC Jamesbonny Josey Wales
Yearling Entry 5
1st Spindlepoint President
2nd Delhaze Skyfalll with Oaklake
3rd Roll The Dice
Reserve Willowheart Louis
VHC Featherfalls Secret Sunset
Maiden Entry 3
1st Featherfalls Secret Sunset
2nd Pamedna George harrison at Leybourne
Novice Entry 5
1st Shelpet Vanilla Ice at Diddlidors
2nd Tamyse Theo avec Pamedna
3rd Timbric Truffle for Fujairah
Reserve Kelrick Flapjack
VHC Pamedna Bristol Cream
Graduate Entry 6
1st Brymarden Honeycombe at Judyland
2nd Beaconsfylde Catch The Kiss
3rd Crimbledale Genesis
Reserve Willowheart Louis
Post Graduate Entry 11
1st Verheyen Anton
2nd Ouzlewell Leonardo
3rd Evansly Earnest
Reserve Granasil Golden Nugget
VHC Featherfalls Rising Sun
Mid Limit Entry 5
1st Ellemich Konstantino of Narvidar
2nd Scotlass Power Of Love
3rd Turretbank Super Trooper
Reserve Chantismere Chamberlin
Limit Entry 8
1st Craigowl Out Of Reach
2nd Castlewytch Perfection of Charnavale
3rd Cavaliegh Ice Man
Reserve Evansly Earnest
VHC Delhaze Take A Chance
Open Entry 10
1st Ch. Loranka's Heavenly Moment
2nd Miletree Joshua
3rd Ch. Harana Errol Brown
Reserve Chantismere Push My Button
VHC Narayden The Bruse in Poppywood
Veteran Entry 2
1st Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale
2nd Bowcara Casanova
Judge Mrs R Banks
Minor Puppy Entry 12
1st Pamedna Charisma
2nd Harana Siousie Sioux
3rd Kringleholme Suruna
Reserve Luphenex Little Lady Katie
VHC Beaconsfylde Razin A Riot
Puppy Entry 18
1st Diddlidors Money Pennie
2nd Harana Peggy Lee
3rd Avalcier Summer Sunshine
Reserve Frondil Bright Fuschia
VHC Hollambrie Isobella
Junior Entry 9
1st Bonitos Companeros Opal
2nd Pamedna Charie Amour
3rd Salegreen Peony for Paulian
Reserve Miletree Ophelia of Stavonga
VHC Melody Style Organdi
Yearling Entry 7
1st Ellemich Im A Celebrity
2nd Aristor Pink Topaz
3rd Almonroyd Catch A Wish
Reserve Crimbledale Jemima at Beaudale
VHC Salegreen My Delphinium for Ryanmil
Maiden Entry 7
1st Diddlidors Money Pennie
2nd Castlewytch Jubilation at Jernito
3rd Melody Style Organdi
Reserve Underknoll Amelia
VHC Avalcier Summer Sunshine
Novice Entry 6
1st Almonroyd Dreams And Wishes
2nd Verheyen Flavia
3rd Melody Style Organdi
Graduate Entry 9
1st Salegreen Peony for Paulian
2nd Lovetrac Knickerbocker of Salegreen
3rd Harana Well Hello Dolly at Merrylaine
Reserve Calonlan Perfect Kiss
VHC Culverhill Chyna at Anickily
Post Graduate Entry 10
1st Jonsville Crystella Sancana
2nd Harana Lulu at Rossyn
3rd Loranka's Turn The Magic On
Reserve Hansowens Ebony Star
VHC Toyswood Fenellas Legacy for Aldoricka
Mid Limit Entry 8
1st Pennygown Madly Deeply
2nd Magic Charms Witchy Womwn to Delhaze
3rd Miletree Mirian Avalcier
Reserve Granasil Freya
VHC Carleeto Midnight Dream
Limit Entry 6
1st Khatibi Rita Aura
2nd Craigowl Keep In Touch
3rd Ispahan Blue Bunting
Reserve Hansowens Ebony Star
VHC Finjaro Celestial with Trishine
Open Entry 6
1st Byermoor Princess
2nd Harana Kiki Dee
3rd Ch. Ricksbury Rumour Has It
Reserve Sorata Miss Emily Salsara JW
VHC Cavaliegh Honesty
Veteran Entry 6
1st Willowtump Athelas at Luphenex
2nd Verheyen Toast
3rd Ryanmil Magic Flute
Reserve Oaktreepark Royal Ellie