Bath 26th May 2017

Chantismere Conquistador Jolainey Frederick
Chantismere Conquistador Chantismere Push My Button
Jonsville Crystella Sancana Wandris Cute As A Button
Judge Mrs R Parry
Minor Puppy Entry 10
1st Ricksbury Poldark
2nd Lanola Santos
3rd Jolainey Stanley
Reserve Castlewytch Red Admiral
VHC Cridensa Conrad
Puppy Entry 9
1st Jolainey Frederick
2nd Pascavale Gino
3rd Beaudale Secret Dream at Sandusk
Reserve Charlottetown Franklin via Bowfort
VHC Lovetrac Fernando
Junior Entry 7
1st Chantismere Conquistador
2nd Jamesbonny Josey Wales
3rd Frondil Office Ed
Reserve Timbric Truffle for Fujairah
Yearling Entry 3
1st Delhaze Skyfalll with Oaklake
2nd Featherfalls Secret Sunset
Novice Entry 8
1st Beaudale Secret Dream at Sandusk
2nd Clopsville Mario of Pascavale
3rd Featherfalls Secret Sunset
Reserve Cridensa Coltrane
VHC Bowfort Bertie Wooster of Pepyswood
Graduate Entry 6
1st Khatibi Bark Obama
2nd Charnell Hogan
3rd Brymarden Honeycombe at Judyland
Post Graduate Entry 12
1st Spindlepoint President
2nd Salbrie Parker
3rd Carolus Don Barzini
Reserve Harelledream Warrior
VHC Royal Fantasy Sacred Sunset of Featherfalls
Limit Entry 13
1st Carolus Don Santino JW
2nd Vonnyisle Life Of Riley
3rd Arroline Infinity
Reserve Khatibi One In Vermillion
VHC Scotlass Power Of Love
Open Entry 10
1st Chantismere Push My Button
2nd Int Ch. Funky Dance Of An Excellent Choice
3rd Ch. Loranka's Cupid JW
Reserve Ch. Loranka's Heavenly Moment
VHC Charlottetown Cecil
Veteran Entry 2
1st Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale
Judge Mrs R Parry
Minor Puppy Entry 4
1st Lanola Santuzza
2nd Jordanic Evanly Mist
3rd Hollambrie Isobella
Reserve Downsbank Floral Dance
Puppy Entry 5
1st Lovetrac Yumdiddly
2nd Julchrisgor Love Me Do Sancana
3rd Wandris Here Comes Alice
Reserve Scotlass Paper Rainbow
Junior Entry 15
1st Miletree Ophelia of Stavonga
2nd Pascavale Patrice
3rd Pamedna Cheris Amour
Reserve Charnell Moonshine for Ameldinay
VHC Coedgwylum Hot Sapphire
Yearling Entry 11
1st Jolainey Rosabella
2nd Crimbledale Jemima at Beaudale
3rd Vonnyisle Jezebel
Reserve Coedgwylum Hot Crystal
VHC Culverhill Cianna
Novice Entry 7
1st Charnell Sweet Tea for Gayhalo
2nd Lovetrac Yumdiddly
3rd Boatswain Azure
Reserve Sallcott Harmony
VHC Scotlass Paper Rainbow
Graduate Entry 6
1st Lovetrac Knickerbocker of Salegreen
2nd Jolainey Whizadora
3rd Pamedna Cheris Amour
Reserve Lovetrac Everlasting Love
VHC Culverhill Chyna at Anickily
Post Graduate Entry 8
1st Loranka's Turn The Magic On
2nd Embeth Bonny Boat
3rd Harana Lulu at Rossyn
Reserve Sallcott Hallelujah Chorus
VHC Gayhalo Pique with Underknoll
Limit Entry 7
1st Jonsville Crystella Sancana
2nd Wandris Cute As A Button
3rd Khatibi Rita Aura
Reserve Charalier Buttonesque
VHC Underknoll Rubbeckin
Open Entry 2
1st Ch. Ricksbury Rumour Has It
Veteran Entry 4
1st Ch. Tusculana Carmella at Embeth
2nd Marlhouse Natasha
3rd Verheyen Toast