Crufts March 2017

Ch. Castlewytch Rave On with Russmic Leogem Ginestraa
Ch. Castlewytch Rave On with Russmic Chantismere Push My Button
Ellemich Im A Celebrity Turretbank Silver Sixpence
Judge Mr F Kane
Veteran Entry 16
1st Sorata Bertie
2nd Bonitos Companeror Imperator
3rd Loranka's Here Comes The Sun
Reserve Bowcara Casanova
VHC Ch. Kaishmar Kavanagh Loranka
Minor Puppy Entry 3
1st Harana Dean Martin
2nd Llapsttam Jack Ruby
Puppy Entry 4
1st Ellemich The Sinner
2nd Shelpet Vanilla Ice at Diddlidors
3rd Jamesbonny Spencer Tracy
Reserve Chlojade Shooting Star
Junior Entry 21
1st Khatibi Bark Obama
2nd Charnell Hogan
3rd Salegreen Periwinkle
Reserve Crazy Angel Maradeco King
VHC One N Only Junior vom Kaninchengarten
Yearling Entry 13
1st Leogem Renaissance
2nd Ch. Harana Errol Brown
3rd Brymarden Honeycombe at Judyland
Reserve Evensly Earnest
VHC Winroc A Classic Bellini
Undergraduate Entry 16
1st Aranel Cassius
2nd Beaconsfylde Catch The Kiss
3rd Carolus Don Barzini
Reserve Granasil Golden Nugget
VHC Calonlan Lunar Eclipse
Graduate Entry 13
1st Brymarden Honeycombe at Judyland
2nd Miletree Centauri for Kersmere
3rd Bekenveldt Evan Only Knows
Reserve Royal Fantasy Sacred Suns of Featherfalls
VHC Khatibi Peter Bread for Alrewic
Post Graduate Entry 22
1st Craebeck Scrumpy Jack
2nd Bonitos Companeros Chivas Regal
3rd Wandris Beyond Belief
Reserve Chantismere Chamberlin
VHC Charlottetown Dylan Thomas
Mid Limit Entry 15
1st Carolus Don Santino JW
2nd Verheyen Anton
3rd Scotlass Power Of Love
Reserve Charlottetown Cecil
VHC Chantismere Charsde
Limit Entry 13
1st Calonlan Corona
2nd Castlewytch Perfection of Charnavale
3rd Ellemich Kenzo at Kailyflee
Reserve Arroline Infinity
VHC Delhaze Take A Chance
Open Entry 22
1st Ch. Castlewytch Rave On with Russmic
2nd Chantismere Push My Button
3rd Miletree Joshua
Reserve Ch. Almonroyd Minstrel
VHC Archirondel Delle Murache
Good Citizen Entry 16
1st Granasil Golden Nugget
2nd Carolus Don Barzini
3rd Chantismere Charade
Reserve Hearthfriend Hocus Pocus
VHC Tingewwod Tam OShanter
Judge Mrs L Gillhespy
Veteran Entry 17
1st Sorata Barley Wine Sancana
2nd Peakdowns Skye
3rd Marlhouse Natasha
Reserve Ger & Am Ch. Mingchen Pacific Breeze
VHC Toyswood Black Magic
Minor Puppy Entry 3
1st Harana Blossom Dearie
2nd Beaudale Lily Rose
Puppy Entry 10
1st Leogem Ginestraa
2nd Avalcier Summer Sunshine
3rd Pascavale Patrice
Reserve Charnell Moonshine for Ameldinay
VHC Pascavale Victoria
Junior Entry 28
1st Bonitos Companeros Opal
2nd Deranmar Antonia
3rd Evydal Soiree at Sandusk
Reserve Charnell Scarlett OHara
VHC Jolainey Whizadora
Yearling Entry 14
1st Ellemich Im A Celebrity
2nd Crimbledale Jemima at Beaudale
3rd Hot Tansy Of Excellent Ch
Reserve Libre Comme L Air De Mana
VHC Charlottetown Star Turn
Under Graduate Entry 16
1st Salegreen Peony for Paulian
2nd Jolainey Rosabella
3rd Cinderaic Are You For Me
Reserve Carleeto Nikita
VHC Timbric Ultra Violet
Graduate Entry 17
1st Brymarden Honeybun
2nd Grajenco Macchiato at Lyncraeg
3rd Verheyen Flavia
Reserve Miletree Mirian Avalcier
VHC Rabymar Love Potion
Post Graduate Entry 15
1st Cavaliegh Gabrielle
2nd Carleeto Midnight Dream
3rd Honeybet Justa Minute
Reserve Brymarden Honeysuckle
VHC Jonsville Crystella Sancana
Mid Limit Entry 21
1st Pennygown Madly Deeply
2nd Middleshot Queen Of Light at Peakdowns
3rd Charlottetown Silyee with Bowfort
Reserve Castlewytch Touch Of Class
VHC Kilbarchans Pina Colada
Limit Entry 10
1st Cinderaic Taboo
2nd Verheyen Toast
3rd Ellemich Infusion
Reserve Sorata Miss Emily Salsara JW
VHC Taybar Stella
Open Entry 15
1st Turretbank Silver Sixpence
2nd Cavaliegh Honesty
3rd Harana Kiki Dee
Reserve Craigowl Touche JW
VHC Rathbrist Whispering Hope
Good Citizen Entry 13
1st Taybar Stella
2nd Lanola Savilla
3rd Oaklake Debbie Harry
Reserve Lewharle Izzadorable for Lynimily
VHC Lovetrac Glitterberry at Kringleholme