Eastern CavalierKing Charles Spaniel Society 13th April 2013
Results By Gayhalo Results

Best Of Breed Leogem Rhapsody Best Puppy Jolainey Magical
Dog CC Ch. Craigowl Out Of The Blue Reserve Dog CC Sorata Don Vito
Bitch CC Leogem Rhapsody Reserve Bitch CC CH. Byermoor Queens Maid
Judge Mrs S Brooks
Veteran Entry 9
1st CH. Pascavale Jamie
2nd Kersmere Rhapsody
3rd Khatibi Eamon High
4th Pascavale Mikie
VHC Honeybet My Way
Special Veteran Over 10 Entry 2
1st Frondil Foenix
Minor Puppy Entry 9
1st Loranka's Moonshine
2nd Calonlan Wellington
3rd Lorphil Lacoste Challenge
4th Juzandia Sargent Pepper
VHC Timbric High Flyer
Puppy Entry 7
1st Jamesbonny Renovatio
2nd Kersmere Minstrel
3rd Jamesbonny Bradley
4th Inami Lukas Minowara from Volney
VHC Diddlidors Big Spender
Junior Entry 11
1st Avalcier Isaac at Georgewade
2nd Rebhann Hunky Dory
3rd Lovetrac Buster with Bekenveldt
4th Carolus Don Rico JW
VHC Miletree Montesuma
Yearling Entry 5
1st Ch. Craigowl Out Of The Blue
2nd Rebhann Hunky Dory
3rd Charlottetown New Approach
Novice Entry 9
1st Kinvaar Son Of A Gun
2nd Tusculana Baleno
3rd Ispahan Sea The Stars
4th Pascavale Kingsley
VHC Spennithorne Dream Thyme
Special Graduate Blen or Tri Entry 13
1st Pascavale Jacob
2nd Jordanic Touch The Sky at Loranka
3rd Calonlan Will I Am
4th Khatibi Peter Bread for Alrewic
VHC Cobbets Frankly Frankie at Lucanico
Special Graduate B&T or Ruby Entry 5
1st Narayden Dark Shadow of Narvidar
2nd Shenlyn December Dynamo
3rd Tamcinia Knights Folly
4th Sorata Bertie
VHC Tamcinia Midnight Folly
Post Graduate Entry 13
1st Maibee McVitie
2nd Stonepit Heaven Sent to Loranka
3rd Wandris What A Performance
4th Deranmar Sinclair
VHC Master Famous John Junior
Mid Limit Entry 7
1st Cinderaic Seduction
2nd Ellisiana Adonis
3rd Honeybet Magic Touch
4th Tashmit Sweetserve
VHC Pamedna Vancouver
limit Entry 8
1st Wandris Comedian at Airlie
2nd Garlouchi Just Magic of Charnavale
3rd Avalcier Harvard
4th Sorata Simply Red
VHC Khatibi Peter Bread for Alrewic
Open Entry 6
1st Sorata Don Vito
2nd Forestcreek Dream On of Pascavale
3rd Kaishmar Kavanagh Loranka
4th CH. Maibee Make Believe
VHC Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale
Special Open Bred By Exh Entry 5
1st Loranka's Moment In Time
2nd Tamcinia Knights Folly
3rd Tamcinia Midnight Folly
Judge Mr M Hegarty
Veteran Entry 8
1st CH. Byermoor Queens Maid
2nd Kringleholme Applause
3rd Wandris Ginger Rogers for Tusculana
4th Winsudor Gemma
VHC Khatibi Gladys All Over at Rahmzi
Special Verteran Over 10 Entry 4
1st Kringleholme Cherry
2nd Tomnil Charmed By Cream
3rd Korolevsky Anna Akhmatova
Minor Puppy Entry 15
1st Sorata Miss Emily
2nd Wandris Cute As A Button
3rd Jalesto Boogie Nights at Rebinya
4th Byermoor Olympia
VHC Diddlidors Kerching at Shelpet
Puppy Entry 15
1st Jolainey Magical
2nd Loranka's Kiss The Stars
3rd Ricksbury Adele
4th Kinvaar La Cascada
VHC Middleshot Queen Of Light at Peakdowns
Junior Entry 12
1st Lanola So Like Shealagh
2nd Cinderaic Only Way Is Essex
3rd Lochbuie Evette
4th Tillashby Northern Star at Callyspride
VHC Miletree Amerthyst
Yearling Entry 11
1st Leogem Rhapsody
2nd Ellemich Exclamation
3rd Ch. Avalcier Inspired
4th Clopsville Irish Mist
VHC Stavonga Angels Eyes
Novice Entry 12
1st Castlewytch Painted Lady
2nd Lochbuie Tiffin
3rd Byermoor Princess
4th Whyteplace Tegan
VHC Miletree Andromeda
Special Graduate Blen or Tri Entry 8
1st Ricksbury Rosanna
2nd Thats MCupboard Luv from Droleus
3rd Khatibi Im Martha Sleep
4th Triodan Tiffiny at Lacerta
VHC Kaishmar Magical Memories
Special graduate B&T or Ruby Entry 3
1st Cavisdale Reggae Music at Cassandy
2nd Shenlyn October Ora
Post Graduate Entry 12
1st Maibee Remember Me
2nd Ellisiana Aphrodite
3rd Cobbets Dancing Diva avec Popolulu
4th Pagborne Treacle Tart
VHC Lorphil Matinee Kiss
Mid Limit Entry 9
1st Lochbuie Taken As Red
2nd Rabymar Paper Moon
3rd Miletree Star Of India
4th Tasset Mary
VHC Ryanmil Magic Flute
Limit Entry 14
1st Loranka's Pixie
2nd Tusculana Carmella at Embeth
3rd Ellisiana Aphrodite
4th Verheyen Lily
VHC Rosirius Jazmine
Open Entry 10
1st Tequila Sunrise vom Kaninchengart
2nd Bowfort MySweet Valentine
3rd Verheyen Lily
4th Kaidee Kiss Me Kate Khatibi
VHC Int Ch. Cauri Vom Goldenen MnHlbach
Special Open Bred By Exh Entry 7
1st CH. Loranka's Touching Heaven JW
2nd Toraylac Perfect Passion
3rd Jolainey Sugar Babe
4th Tusculana Domenica
VHC Int Ch. Cauri Vom Goldenen MnHlbach