Easterns Cavalier King Charles Spaaniel Club 11th April 2015

Lochbuie Cappuccion Charnell Jameson
Lochbuie Cappuccion Cavaliegh Ice Man
Deranmar Jocelyn Sorata Miss Emily
Judge Mr M Levy
Veteran Entry 5
1st Juzandia Likely Lad
2nd Clockpelters The Fusilier
3rd Monaric High Definition
Reserve Charlottetown Pieter
Veteran Over 10 Entry 7
1st CH. Brymarden Montana
2nd Honeybet My Way
3rd Khatibi Eamon High
Reserve Mellow Moment of Flossybrook
VHC Tomnil Flashback To Cream
Minor Puppy Entry 9
1st Castlewytch Perfection of Charnavale
2nd Bekenveldt Baccarat
3rd Castlewytch Rave On with Russmic
Reserve Lochbuie Connoisseur
VHC Lymrey Summer Breeze
Puppy Entry 7
1st Charnell Jameson
2nd Leogem Tombola
3rd Simpatico Sage
Reserve Nottus Magical Addition to Monaric
Junior Entry 16
1st Cavaliegh Ice Man
2nd Delhaze Take A Chance
3rd Khatibi One In Vermillion
Reserve Popolulu Theodore Twist
VHC Arroline Infinity
Yearling Entry 10
1st Beaudale Georgie Porgy
2nd Chantismere Casta Royal
3rd Miletree Solomon
Reserve Loranka's Edge Of Heaven
VHC Karaime Charmer at Simpatico
Novice Entry 7
1st Delhaze Take A Chance
2nd Arroline Infinity
3rd Miletree Centauri for Kersmere
Reserve Hearthfriend Top Withens
VHC Rabymar Moon Tiger
Special Graduate Blen or Tri Entry 7
1st Ellemich Kenzo at Kailyflee
2nd Khatibi Peter Bread for Alrewic
3rd Beaconsfylde Oscar Nuther
Special Graduate B&T or Ruby Entry 5
1st Beaudale Little Ted
2nd Khatibi One In Vermillion
3rd Nikanncie Golden Touch Sorata
Reserve Tingewwod Red Oktober
VHC Granasil Magic Moments
Post Graduate Entry 9
1st Bentwood Carlos
2nd Kersmere Minstrel
3rd Kaidee Jasper Karrot at Shelpet
Reserve Khatibi Hedger Bets on Alrewic
VHC Honeybet As If By Magic
Mid Limit Entry 5
1st Carolus Don Rico JW
2nd Brymarden Carolina Sunrise
3rd Bevelmount Red Beaujolais
Reserve Scotlass Power Of Love
VHC Tashmit Sweetserve
Limit Entry 6
1st Lochbuie Cappuccion
2nd Ch. Loranka's Heavenly Moment
3rd Withheld
Open Entry 3
1st AM Ch. Brookhaven Believe It Or Not
2nd Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale
Special Open Bred By Exh Entry 5
1st Cavaliegh Jacob
2nd Scotlass Imabeliver
Judge Mrs L Flynn
Veteran Entry 4
1st Dortmund Delyla Harana
2nd Wyncilff Lady Karly of Beaconsfylde
3rd Triodan Tiara
Reserve Carolus Lidia
Special Veteran orve 10 Entry 5
1st CH. Loranka's Star Suprise
2nd Telvara Krystianna
3rd Wyncilff Lady Karly of Beaconsfylde
Reserve Willowtump Athelas at Luphenex
VHC Merrydon Black Petal
Minor Puppy Entry 12
1st Lanola Shalimar
2nd Castlewytch Touch Of Class
3rd Lochbuie Eyecon
Reserve Lanola Simona
VHC Clopsville Winnipeg
Puppy Entry 13
1st Tasset Freya with Russmic
2nd Loranka's Moments Like This
3rd Ellemich Infusion
Reserve Leogem Glad News
VHC Clopsville Brooklyn
Junior Entry 13
1st Deranmar Jocelyn
2nd Lovetrac Becharmed
3rd Aranel Eternal
Reserve Pennygown Madly Deeply
VHC Cavaliegh Honesty
Yearling Entry 9
1st Byermoor Masquerade
2nd Ispahan Blue Bunting
3rd Clopsville Mimosa
Reserve Carolus Miss Libery
VHC Kilbarchans Pina Colada
Novice Entry 8
1st Cavaliegh Gabrielle
2nd Salbrie Paloma Faith by Jamesbonny
3rd Angelspride Prim And Proper
Reserve Enchanting Companion Neria
VHC Cranvarl Forever Love
Special Graduate Blen or Tri Entry 9
1st Bonitos Companeros Moulin Rouge at Craigowl
2nd Carolus Felicitation at Beaconsfylde
Reserve Carolus Miss Libery
VHC Tashmit Freeheart
Special Graduate B&T or Ruby Entry 11
1st Lochbuie Reddy For Anything
2nd Russmic Bridget
3rd Beaudale Bo Peep
Reserve Chalmray Eva The Diva at Mylriver
VHC Granasil Penny Arcade of Llapsttam
Post Graduate Entry 13
1st Turretbank Dark Delight
2nd Juzandia Infinity
3rd Cranvarl Love Story
Reserve Spennithorne Forget Me Not
VHC Chalmray Eva The Diva at Mylriver
Mid Limit Entry 7
1st Byermoor Princess
2nd Harana Kiki Dee
3rd Castlewytch Painted Lady
Reserve Clopsville Irish Mist
Limit Entry 17
1st Sorata Miss Emily
2nd Lovetrac Scrumdiddly
3rd Loranka's Make A Wish with Embeth
Reserve Juzandia Honey Bea
VHC Lochbuie Crumpet
Open Entry 4
1st Ch. Charnell Clematis of Salegreen
2nd Cobbets Dancing Diva avec Popolulu
3rd Khatibi Im Martha Sleep
Special Open Bred By Exh Entry 3
1st Hollambrie Pink Diamond
2nd CH. Loranka's Touching Heaven JW