Joint Cavalier Clubs with ECCKCSS 7th July 1013
Results By Gayhalo Results

Best Of Breed Int Ch. Bonitos Companeros Imperator Best Puppy Sorata Miss Emily
Dog CC Int Ch. Bonitos Companeros Imperator Reserve Dog CC Ch. Harana Alfie Boe
Bitch CC Cavaliegh Jaida with Vallender Reserve Bitch CC Brymarden Carolina Moon
Judge Mrs L Hughes
Veteran Entry 7
1st CH. Brymarden Montana
2nd CH. Pascavale Jamie
3rd Khatibi Eamon High
4th Pascavale Mikie
VHC Leelyn Harvey at Rucazan
Special Open Entry 3
1st Telvara Xtravaganza
2nd Charlottetown Cupid
Minor Puppy Entry 8
1st Brymarden Carolina Sunrise
2nd Wandris Evan Elp Us
3rd Pascavale Valentino
4th Beaudale Little Ted
VHC Honeybet Magical Dreamer
Puppy Entry 14
1st Calonlan Wellington
2nd Lisgarth Eclipse
3rd Lochbuie Cappuccion
4th Juzandia Sargent Pepper
VHC Brymarden Sunset
Junior Entry 14
1st Chantismere Push My Button
2nd Carolus Don Rico JW
3rd Pascavale Kingsley
4th Pascavale Declan
VHC Kinvaar El Cid
Yearling Entry 7
1st Chantismere Push My Button
2nd Gamble On You des Contemplations
3rd Tusculana Baleno
4th Avalcier Isaac at Georgewade
VHC Toraylac Denton
Novice Entry 10
1st Chantismere Push My Button
2nd Miletree Montesuma
3rd Lovetrac Buster with Bekenveldt
4th Timbric High Flyer
VHC Inami Lukas Minowara from Volney
Special Graduate Blen or Tri Entry 5
1st Kinvaar Son Of A Gun
2nd Kaidee Jasper Karrot at Shelpet
3rd Pamedna Seattle
4th Emarik Mayhem
Special Graduate B&T or Ruby Entry 6
1st Beaudale Far Away Star
2nd Volney Blackberry
Post Graduate Entry 11
1st Aranel Colby
2nd Calonlan Will I Am
3rd Spennithorne Perfect Thyme
4th Ellisiana Adonis
VHC Deranmar Sinclair
Mid Limit Entry 12
1st Pascavale Jacob
2nd Rabymar Super Ted
3rd Stonepit Franco I Believe
4th Honeybet Magic Touch
VHC Royalston Enchanting
Limit Entry 13
1st Cinderaic Seduction
2nd Selkies Heavenly Prince at Fyrnrose
3rd Avalcier Harvard
4th Lovetrac Markofdistinction
VHC Wandris Comedian at Airlie
Open Entry 7
1st Int Ch. Bonitos Companeros Imperator
2nd Ch. Sorata Don Vito
3rd Dalvreck Dream On at Braemarra
4th Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale
VHC Cinderlace Arabis of Aldachell
Special Open Bred By Exhibitor Entry 6
1st Ch. Harana Alfie Boe
2nd Ch. Aranel Genesis
3rd Scotlass Fusion
4th Monaric Magical Knight
Judge Mr R Dix
Veteran Entry 12
1st CH. Brymarden Moonriver
2nd Merryoth Maeve
3rd CH. Pamedna Touch Of Fan-tc
4th Salsara Sweet Senorita at Evansly
VHC Alberica Focus On Red
Special Veteran Entry 2
1st Rippleoak Riverdancer
2nd Homebrood Snow White
Minor Puppy Entry 21
1st Ryanmil Queen Of The Night
2nd Stonepit Believe In Angels
3rd Pascavale Annalisa
4th Lacerta Waltzing Matilda
VHC Cranvarl Love Story
Puppy Entry 15
1st Sorata Miss Emily
2nd Wandris Cute As A Button
3rd Delores Vom Kaninchengarten by Aranel
4th Craigowl Salzburg
VHC Korraines Buttons N Bows
Junior Entry 12
1st Jolainey Magical
2nd Ispahan Seabreeze
3rd Clopsville Santa Ysabel
4th Hollambrie Pink Diamond
VHC Chlojade Strike A Pose
Yearling Entry 6
1st Leogem Rhapsody
2nd Ellemich Exclamation
3rd Lochbuie Evette
4th Tillashby Hey Baby
VHC Monaric Distant Dreamer
Novice Entry 16
1st Clopsville Santa Ynez
2nd Kinvaar La Cascada
3rd Avalcier Angel
4th Cinderaic Only Way Is Essex
VHC Loranka Make A Wish with Embeth
Special Graduate Blen or Tri Entry 5
1st Lanola So Like Shealagh
2nd Castlewytch Painted Lady
3rd Triodan Tiffiny at Lacerta
4th Peakdowns Lexi
VHC Khatibi Im Martha Sleep
Special Graduate B&T or Ruby Entry 6
1st Anberan Lady Gaga
2nd Aldoricka Holly Berry
3rd Cavisdale Reggae Music at Cassandy
4th Ankris Primrose Hill
Post Graduate Entry 10
1st Jolainey Magic Touch
2nd Cavaliegh Caress Vallender
3rd Anberan Lady Gaga
4th Deranmar Caitlin
VHC Triodan Tiffiny at Lacerta
Mid Limit Entry 9
1st Rabymar Paper Moon
2nd Tusculana Domenica
3rd Bevelmount Red Ribbons
4th Ryanmil Magic Flute
VHC Clopsville Irish Mist
Limit Entry 11
1st Pennygown Miss Jones
2nd Cinderlace Primrose at Merryoth
3rd Cranvarl Morning Glory
4th Cobbets Dancing Diva avec Popolulu
VHC Garlouchi Oopsa Daisy of Charnavale
Open Entry 13
1st Cavaliegh Jaida with Vallender
2nd Brymarden Carolina Moon
3rd Pennygown Red Light
4th Ch. Avalcier Inspired
VHC Ch. Tusculana Carmella at Embeth
Special Open Bred By Exh Entry 4
1st Ch. Harana Cilla Black
2nd Hun Ch. Tequila Sunrise vom Kaninchengarten