WELKS 29th April 2017

Aranel Cassius Jordanic Evanly Mist
Aranel Cassius Leogem Renaissance
Wandris Cute As A Button Cavaliegh Honesty
Judge Mrs M Wiggins
Veteran Entry 2
1st Tomnil Phantom Cream
Minor Puppy Entry 7
1st Ellemich Kouros at Kailyflee
2nd Lanola Santos
3rd Loranka Moonlight Shadow
Reserve Jordanic Evanly Touch
VHC Ouzlewell Teddy Bear
Puppy Entry 10
1st Ellemich The Sinner
2nd Chlojade Shooting Star
3rd Trirayne The Taskmaster
Reserve Granasil Vontrap
VHC Calonlan Cafe Noir
Junior Entry 7
1st Aranel Cassius
2nd Khatibi Bark Obama
3rd Jamesbonny Josey Wales
Reserve Salegreen Brecon
VHC Salegreen Periwinkle
Yearling Entry 5
1st Leogem Renaissance
2nd Lacerta Im A Star at Droleus
3rd Kathysgirl Jaguar
Reserve Featherfalls Secret Sunset
VHC Willowheart Louis
Novice Entry 5
1st Kelrick Flapjack
2nd Kathysgirl Jaguar
3rd Featherfalls Secret Sunset
Reserve Castlewytch Hogmonay at Jernito
Graduate Entry 7
1st Khatibi Bark Obama
2nd Bluemoon Cavaliers Renaissance
3rd Beaconsfylde Catch The Kiss
Reserve Verheyen Foxx at Glebeheath
VHC Regaldeni Romeo
Post Graduate Entry 13
1st Evensly Earnest
2nd Salbrie Parker
3rd Sonella Heavenly Cream to Tomnil
Reserve Granasil Golden Nugget
VHC Kathysgirl Jaguar
Limit Entry 13
1st Cavaliegh Ice Man
2nd Arroline Infinity
3rd Carolus Don Santino JW
Reserve Delhaze Take A Chance
VHC Castlewytch Perfection of Charnavale
Open Entry 8
1st Ch. Loranka's Cupid JW
2nd Miletree Joshua
3rd Carolus Don Rico JW
Reserve Ch. Loranka's Heavenly Moment
VHC Ch. Castlewytch Rave On with Russmic
Judge Mrs m Wiggins
Veteran Entry 4
1st Ch. Tusculana Carmella at Embeth
2nd Verheyen Toast
3rd Clentview Patsy
Reserve Estrid Rosanna
Minor Puppy Entry 16
1st Jordanic Evanly Mist
2nd Wandris Here Comes Alice
3rd Delhaze Dolly Daydream with Annatika
Reserve Lanola Santuzza
VHC Harana Siousie Sioux
Puppy Entry 12
1st Anickily Pandora
2nd Deranmar Evensong
3rd Beaconsfylde Salutation
Reserve Julchrisgor Love Me Do Sancana
VHC Charnell Moonshine for Ameldinay
Junior Entry 8
1st Salegreen Peony for Paulian
2nd Pamedna Cheris Amour
3rd Coedgwylum Hot Crystal
Reserve Underknoll Amelia
VHC Corsham Giselle
Yearling Entry 9
1st Magic Charms Witchy Womwn to Delhaze
2nd Ellemich Im A Celebrity
3rd Boatswain Azure
Reserve Crimbledale Jemima at Beaudale
VHC Evydal Sante
Novice Entry 5
1st Leogem Ginestraa
2nd Castlewytch Jubilation at Jernito
3rd Coedgwylum Hot Sapphire
Reserve Underknoll Amelia
VHC Underknoll Sascha
Graduate Entry 12
1st Salegreen Peony for Paulian
2nd Loranka's Turn The Magic On
3rd Calonlan Perfect Kiss
Reserve Lovetrac Knickerbocker of Salegreen
VHC Brymarden Honeybun
Post Graduate Entry 15
1st Brymarden Honeysuckle
2nd Cavalli Beautiful Life
3rd Jonsville Crystella Sancana
Reserve Granasil Golden Mitzy at Rootessma
VHC Trirayne Karamist
Limit Entry 12
1st Wandris Cute As A Button
2nd Charalier Buttonesque
3rd Ispahan Blue Bunting
Reserve Pennygown Madly Deeply
VHC Lovetrac Glitterberry at Kringleholme
Open Entry 7
1st Cavaliegh Honesty
2nd Narayden Diva Fever at Hansowens
3rd Wandris Songbird
Reserve Rabymar Moon Dust