West Of England Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club


12th July 2009


Firstly I would like to thank the committee for the opportunity to judge this well organised and friendly club show. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and felt that the overall quality was high. This is one of my very favourite breeds and I hope that the dedicated breeders carry on through what is obviously a very trying time.


Temperaments without exception were as to be expected and presentation on the whole was good with the majority of dogs shown in good order. However there were a few that had dirty teeth. It is after all the icing on the cake, and dental hygiene, especially in Toy breeds, should be high up on the list of priorities.


I am concerned, however, with soundness. It was probably noted that I like a dog to be able to move and the excuse that it is a Toy dog and should just look pretty does not work on me. Many had no forward reach and, sadly, even more had no drive from behind. Some had no muscle tone whatsoever and it makes me wonder if they have any freedom at all. A Cavalier, gleaming with health and in a fit condition moving effortlessly around the ring is indeed a joy to behold.


On a positive note, I was thrilled with my principle winners and at the end of the day was delighted to find out that I had given top honours to so many that were connected to “The Entertainer”. Not only a famous show dog, but obviously one who is going to produce as well! Let’s hope that the breed benefits, it deserves to!


Minor Puppy D

Good class to start the day.

1st: Boyd’s WANDRIS COMEDIAN AT AIRLIE. Superb Bl puppy with all the potential in the world to carry his title. His head and expression are breathtaking and he was in the most fabulous condition. Excellent for size and type, although at present he could be said to be a tad bum high. However, with age this will settle. On the move he carries himself so well for a youngster, has reach and drive and has correct tail carriage. I liked him.


2nd: Walton’s UNDERKNOLL IMARI. Another pretty headed baby who too was good for type and size. He also was in good condition. Close up in a lot of respects but not the drive from behind that the winner had.




Puppy D.

1st: Parker’s JORDANIC ENTREPRENEUR. Exciting bl puppy who is nearing his first birthday. Grand head and expression and in gleaming condition. On the table he is very satisfying as everything is in the right place, although to be honest I would not want any more of him; however, I feel that his growing, thankfully, is done. But it is on the move that he really takes the eye. Up and back he is totally precise but in profile he will never be overlooked. He carries himself with arrogance and keeps his topline and tail beautifully. Even in a smaller indoor ring he eats up the ground with ease. One with an exciting future I am convinced. With luck a titleholder and I shall watch his future. I like him very much and today was my Res BD, BPD and BPIS over a delightful tri bitch.


2nd:  Smith & Rance’ WIGHTISLE TOTAL ECLIPSE. Tri who was good for type but today was just a tad overshadowed by the winner. In good body condition and in excellent coat. Standing he was a little cow hocked behind and on the move was rather erratic. Just needs to grow up.


Junior Dog

1st: Coaker’s HOMERBRENT CHARDONNAY. Immaculately presented blenheim with the most beautiful of heads and expressions. Excellent for size and type and was in superb body. Satisfying to go over and he won the class on profile movement as he showed the most positivity behind. Considered him strongly for higher honours but just felt he needs a tad more in front leg length for complete balance and also he is a little proud of his tail at times.


2nd: Holbrook’s CAVALIEGH COMET AT VONNYISLE. Another good bl dog who was hot on the tails of 1. Another with an excellent head and he has a better tail carriage than 1. I liked him for balance but felt he was a little weaker behind, especially going away from me and this cost him the class. I am sure they will change places on numerous occasions.


3rd: Fry & Jackson’s AMANTRA PRINCE OF GOLD.


Yearling Dog:

1st: Jones’ KENOCTO MAGICAL QUEST. Ruby who excels in profile movement, when he puts his mind to it. He is, however, lazy and at times can pace; and although not unsound, this did cost him in later classes. He is good for type and size and if he can overcome his stubborn mindedness will go on to win more.


2nd; Firth’s CLENTVIEW KAYNE. Well made bl dog who although up to size is also one with lots to like. Although he did show with more exuberance, he could not match the winner behind.


Grad D:

1st: Newell’s CORBIEANNE MISTY STORM.5 yr old Tri with a pretty expression. In full coat and he was in excellent condition. Thoroughly enjoying his day out.


Post Grad Dog:

1st: Firth’s ANBREAN HOT BRAMBLEBERRY AT FIRNICK. B/T dog with a decent head and expression. He was in very good condition, well presented and handled. Good for size.


Sp Limit (B/T & Ruby)

1st: Boardman & Padmore’s VOLNEY GAZPACHO. Ruby who is excellent for type and size. Sound and very energetic on the move and he displayed super reach and drive when he put his mind to the job in hand. Highly excitable, so much so that he threw everything away when it mattered.





Sp Limit (Tri/Blenheim)



2nd: Boyd’s DRUMHAYE CELEBRITY AT AIRLIE. Decent Bl boy who is good for size. Moved well and was precise up and back. For me he was a tad heavy in head and a little stuffy all through. Well presented and handled.




Open D:

1st: Fry & Jackson’s AMANTRA VAUDEVILLE. Have admired this blenheim from puppy hood and seeing as I have already given him an all breed BIS it came as no surprise that I liked him. He is now reaching maturity and I believe there is still more to come. Superb for type and I love his head & expression. His outline stood is very impressive. He has a good length to his neck, which he uses on the move. Correct, well angulated front and a balanced hindquarter. Tail set bang on and carried well on the move. His redeeming quality is his profile movement, where he will always attract the eye. However, I do feel that he wants to move out even more and perhaps would benefit from being allowed to.  Was delighted to make him BD in good company but in the challenge for BIS had to bow to his delightful daughter. He should not be too disappointed by that. He is worthy of a title and I sincerely hope that he gains one. RBIS and BOS


2nd: Jones’ TOMNIL CREAM OF THE STARS AT DROLEUS JW. Another bl and very close up to the winner. He too is excellent for type and size, moves very well and is well balanced. On the move he is totally sound but the deciding factor was that he tended to fall away slightly behind. Decent boy though.





1st: Wheeler’s SHARONAZ MELODY FOR DRUMHAYE. Absolutely delightful bl girl, 10 yrs young. She was in the most amazing condition and is a credit to both the breed and her owner. She is still so sound, healthy and presented beautifully.


2nd: Fry & Jackson’s AMANTRA INDEPENDENCE. Another delightful bl, 11 yrs and still full of health and vitality. He too is an absolute credit. Sound as a bell.


Minor Puppy B

1st: Williams’ SORATA DADDIES GIRL SANCANA.  Very promising B/T girl who scores in profile movement. She is also very precise up and back, especially for one so young. Good in head and expression, lovely topline and well carried tail. Impressive outline, she will always catch the eye. Handling par excellence topped it off.


2nd: Coaker’s HOMERBRENT SHIRAZ. Another glorious head and expression from this breeder. Lots of potential but today she was a baby with lots of sorting out to do.




Puppy B

1st: Fry & Jackson’s AMANTRA PRINCESS ROYAL. Tri bitch who is superb for type. On the table she has everything in the right place and all in a small package. Her head and expression was simply delightful, good length of neck and level topline. On the move she is sound, keeps her topline and carries her tail well. I liked her enormously and is one with a future I am sure.


2nd: Gardner’s DAMADLE DAMITA. B/T who is exceptionally sound on the move. For me she lacks a little in head and her front is not her fortune but she comes alive on the floor. In profile she keeps a good outline, carries her tail well and has a level topline. Good reach from behind. Presented to absolute perfection and very well handled. Another who was in gleaming condition.


3rd: Bartlett’s KOROLEVSKY OKSANA.


Junior B:

Real headache of a class between the first two. Both of completely different types and both with their qualities.

1st: Eustace’ SALEGREEN DEAR SWEET PEA. Absolutely gorgeous tri bitch and probably the one that I would have taken home today. For me she screams what the breed is all about but she was totally out of coat and so had the pay the penalty for higher honours when quality was so high. However to ignore her would have done her the biggest injustice. Her head and expression was probably the best of the day and she is superb for femininity and size. Stood her outline is divine and with the lack of coat she could not hide anything. On the move she is delightful, she carries herself so well from her head down to her tail. Yes, it is safe to say that I loved her; she just needs maturity and some hair. Although this is a difficult breed to title a dog, I wish her the greatest amount of luck because she should be an easy titleholder, and I for one will applaud if she does. RBB


2nd: Williams’ CLENTVIEW CARIAD SANCANA. Blenheim bitch who too should never be overlooked and should not be disappointed with this placing today. In excellent condition and she is exceptionally sound and doing it with lots of style, however when it mattered she started to side wind slightly. She will go on to further glories I am sure, but for me today she just lacked that certain indefinable something that the tri bitch had.


3rd: Walton’s UNDERKNOLL TI AMO.


Yearling B



2nd: Vass’ ARANEL DEEZYNED FOR CLAUBERRY. Sweet, petite bl with a pretty head and expression. In good condition but today was lacking a little in drive from behind.




Novice B


2nd: Wheeler’s HOMERBRENT MONICA. Sweet bl who is good for size and shape. Superb presentation but was a little weak in front today. Also she was a little erratic in movement, particularly up and back.




Grad B



2nd: Phillips’ SCOTLASS HERMOSA AT TILLYMIST. Well handled bl who was good for size and type. Sweet in head and expression but was a tad wide coming towards me today.


Post Grad B

1st: Jones’ AMANTRA VIVA LAS VEGAS DROLEUS. Totally mature and all of a piece bl bitch whose day it was today. On the table she is more than satisfying to go over. I loved her head and expression. She has a long well carried neck. Excellent front and well placed shoulders, correct length and super topline leading into strong loin, well angulated and muscled hindquarter and a superbly carried tail. She was in full coat which was well presented and good handling finished it off. I have admired her from puppy hood and was not disappointed in how she has grown up. Presents a delightful picture stood and on the move comes into her own. She has the same profile style as her father but just pipped him coming towards me. A bitch to be proud of and another who I sincerely hope gains a well deserved title. I was more than delighted to award her BB and BIS in a quality filled entry.


2nd: Coole’s JOLAINEY TAYLOR MADE. Another really good bl bitch. Very similar remarks apply to her as she too has a divine head and expression and is good to go over on the table. She is in superb coat and condition and was well handled. The deciding factor being that she lacked the positivity behind of the winner and was a little longer cast for complete balance. Another, though, who cannot be overlooked.




SP limit B (B&T/ Ruby)

1st: Walton’s UNDERKNOLL TI AMO. Ruby who is nice for type and size and was in excellent condition. Moved well and won class on maturity and finish.




SP Limit B (Blenheim & Tri)

1st: Smith’s WIGHTISLE TWIST OF MAGIC AT SAPPHIREISLE.  Pretty in head and nice for size. Sound. Won the class here on cleanness of movement on the up and back and maturity.


2nd: Smith’s JOLAINEY HARRIET AT SAPPHIREISLE. OK in head and good for size. Just a little erratic behind today.


Open    B
1st: Coole’s JOLAINEY MISS MILLIE. Super bitch for type with a lovely head and expression. Bang on for size and a show temperament to cherish. Everything fits well together and she was in excellent coat and condition. Won the class on profile movement where she had style, reach and drive. Really nice bitch whom I liked very much.


2nd: Philips’ DROLEUS SHEEZJUST CRUUZIN AT TILLYMIST. Another really nice tri and one I liked very much. Has the same credentials as the winner but lost out today on drive from behind.




Sp Open Welfare D or B

1st: Fry & Jackson’s AMANTRA PRINCE OF GOLD. Classy Ruby who, when matured, will trouble the best. Loved his head and expression and has a very clean outline. Moved extremely well.


Gertie Biddle Memorial Stakes






1st Cooles’ very well matched blenheim pair.




Lee A S Cox